About Me

Hello, My name is Aaron Britt

I’m a Professional Bass angler from the West Coast. I grew up in a small town in California called Yuba City. Yuba is within an hour of some of the most prestige fisheries in the world, some of them being Oroville, Clear Lake, California Delta, Lake Berryessa, and Lake Shasta. I have now been competitively fishing for almost 10 years now.

Started Young

Since I was a very young kid, I have had an absolute passion for fishing. I started off fishing my local river systems for striper, salmon, catfish and anything else I could catch. When I was 16 years old I took my first guided trip to Clear Lake, and have not looked back since. I immediately became addicted, and soon began fishing tournaments.

Passion Drives Me

I spend at minimum 3 days a week on the water practicing to become the best angler I can be. I currently will be heading on my rookie season of the FLW Walmart Tour in 2017, and could not be more excited. I will also be fishing any FLW event and/or Pro-am event here on the west coast that my schedule allows.

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